All Features

MPC is a Secure Global Communication Hub for business and professionals to easily and efficiently collaborate with colleagues and clients.

Send & Receive Secure E-mail and SMS

Securely communicate with any device through standard SMS or Email even if the recipient has not installed MPC.

Secure File Exchange & Encrypted Cloud Storage

Share files up to 100MB. Business owners have exclusive controlled access to their entire organization’s communication history with advanced search tools.

Full Management Control

User provisioning, enhanced search, exporting and polling providing compliance and governance to meet corporate and regulatory requirements. Strategic integration with many business apps and platforms is also planned.

Secure Chat, Voice & Video Calls

With advanced conference features.

Delivery/Read Status & Message Destruction

To optimize productivity and clarity of communication.

Choice of Server Location

Worldwide selection options to satisfy evolving regulatory requirements.

Private Server Licensing

Allowing organizations, the ability to host their own instance of the MPC Server Solution on their own servers.

Real-Time Translation

Including 130+ languages.

Account Authentication by Email

Instead of SIM; making it possible for employers to control, access and archive all company-related communication to guarantee legal, regulatory and corporate governance protection and revoke access to company communications and contacts.

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